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Miliou Village

Paphos - Cyprus

Our Village

Miliou is a small, beautiful village in the Paphos district, hidden in the greenery of the orange trees. It is located 26 kilometres north of Paphos and only 10 kilometres before Polis Chrysochous.

There are various versions about the origin of the village name. One version mentions that the village was named Miliou because of the apricot trees (chrysomilain Greek) and that from Chrysomiliou it became Miliou. A second version says that the village took its name from the apple trees (mila in Greek) which the villages grew along the river Nerades. Another version about the name of the village, is based on the watermills which existed across the length of the river which the villagers used for their needs.


Until today, even though there are droughts during the summer, the small river accompanies the sound of the water with the birds which come in spring when the valley is green. The crabs of sweet water which are found in the river are a characteristic of the area. During spring the lemon trees bloom and the sweet aroma of the blossom lingers through the paths to meet the natural riches of the area.

The 85 residents of the village have a lot to remember from the older years. At the primary school there were about 40-50 children and there were two coffee shops. You will easily find an abandoned olive press on one of the small streets which, as local elderly gentlemen say, will be restored in time. It is from here where pedestrian and bicycle paths begin, as well as unusual routes for specialist ornithologists and for those who just love watching rare birds. It is surprising but it is the valley of the village of Miliou that became one of the rare places on the island where nightingales have settled. In the spring it becomes a shelter for swallows. And for all the nature lovers out there, if you are in the area, don't forget to visit our wonderful Nature Trail.

On the outskirts of the village, from where a view of a beautiful valley opens, there is an old small school which used to house just one class of students. Unfortunately the school does not operate anymore and so the children have to go to nearby schools as the school hasn’t worked for over 30 years. The building of the old school has been renovated into a community centre and now holds classes on emergency medical services and Greek dancing lessons for the habitants and guests of the village. 


Many projects have been done in the village, such as the renovation of the village centre. In this area, the residents gather day and night and is a characteristic point in the village. At the village square is where they celebrate New Year’s Eve, have Easter lunch and have the summer fiesta.  

Don't forget to:

*Visit our 2 small churches - Ayia Paraskevi and Ayii Anargyri  - both worth visiting.

*Taste traditional food and beverages in one or both of the traditional taverns/coffee shops located in the centre of the village. 

*Bathe in the sulphur spring waters  at the Secret Forest Wellness & Healing Spa Resort

Our Village


“Brilliant spot for a holiday ! Love it in august !”

— Tony B.

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